Welcome to Yes Peas!

Welcome to Yes Peas!

Peas on Earth!

We have come up with a couple of winter warmers for you this month. Time to curl up on the sofa with a mug of Pea and Bacon Chowder with Basil Pesto and Cheddar Croutons or a Pea and Roasted Garlic Soup

For a snuggly supper on a chilly November night try a One Pot Lamb Casserole with Peas, Button Onions and New Potatoes.

Don't forget to order your FREE pea recipe book, a great stocking filler for Christmas!

Learn more about how they are harvested here.


Yes Peas! XX


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RT @Eat_Your_Veg: Made in minutes Pea Soup anyone? Truly a cinch. http://t.co/6umuEZVIb3 http://t.co/Bj3Njrlazb less than a day ago

Must be time for Tikka Tuesday! Pea Chicken Tikka Masala that is.. http://t.co/6NqrOWMQIl http://t.co/9HUGdp7Dyg less than a day ago

@BBCGoodFoodShow great choice! about 2 days ago

Rachel Green - Yes Peas! Ambassador...

Rachel Green - Yes Peas! Ambassador...

I've just returned from the Sausage Festival at Lincoln Castle and am delighted to share a couple of sausage recipes with you, with peas of course! Peas, Sausage and Cherry Tomatoes with Red Pesto Pasta and Peas, Sausage and Tomato Fusilli.

Peas and Love

Rachel. X