Welcome to Yes Peas!

Welcome to Yes Peas!

Snack Hap-pea!

The school holidays are almost over and it will soon be time to start the new term.

We have plenty of inspiring lunchbox ideas, Pea, Ham & Cheese Muffins and Pea and Vegetable Pasties.  Our Pea and Sundried Tomato Bread is delicious served with ham or salami.

Our Easy Peasy Green Pea Hummus Salad Wraps are another lunchbox favourite, and don’t forget to try the Pea and Aubergine Dip, it’s great with slices of carrot and cucumber.

Learn more about how they are harvested here.


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Rachel Green - Yes Peas! Ambassador...

Rachel Green - Yes Peas! Ambassador...

I've been busy at summer food festivals over the last few weekends and it has been great to hear about your recipe triumphs and disasters!

A number of people ask for advice on a simple supper and you can't get much easier or tastier than a simple Pea, Spring Onion and Rocket Risotto. This is a great recipe. Serve with extra parmesan and a few grilled tomatoes on the vine.

Peas and Love

Rachel. X