Welcome to Yes Peas!

Welcome to Yes Peas!

Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Peas!

Yes, it’s October already and at the end of the month we will celebrate Halloween. A tradition, which dates back to 1745 and means ‘Hallowed Evening.’

For your ‘Hallowed Evening, we have cast a spell or two and come up with a couple of recipes to prepare in the witches cauldron, actually a pan will do just as well, a spooky Curried English Pea Soup with Paneer Stuffed Naan or a Pea and Roasted Garlic Bursting Soup, perfect to keep the vampires away!

Learn more about how they are harvested here.

Hap-pea Halloween


Yes Peas! XX





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Rachel Green - Yes Peas! Ambassador...

Rachel Green - Yes Peas! Ambassador...

I have been preparing a number of canapes recently and by far the most popular one has been the Pea Blinis with Parma Ham and Mint, closely followed by the Mini Sausage Toadies with Pea Crush and bite-sized Peas on Toast.

Peas and Love

Rachel. X