What a amazing few weeks we've had!

Wow, where do we start! Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who supported Great British Pea Week last month - it was a huge success and we loved watching all of you cook some delicious meals with peas, let's hope it continues! 

Some of you may have been following our #FarmerCam activity which saw three fantastic growers show us the journey throughout the harvest. We hope you enjoyed learning about the 24/7 military operation involved in producing the delicious green things you enjoy all year round!

There was various activities taking place across the country, once of which being our Schools Dinner Mission - a mission to get peas on the plates of as many school children as possible by calling on schools across the country to put peas on the dinner menu! ​The School Meals Mission aimed to highlight the importance of healthy school meals and the extraordinary nutritional power of the nation’s favourite family vegetable.

July wasn't just a month of Great British Pea Week, the time came to announce the two winners of the Young Pea Chef of the Year competition. We are delighted to reveal that Miles Gracie, Year 6, from Southend-on-Sea, one of five finalists in the primary school category, won over the nation with his delicious twist on a classic dish, Chicken Pea-evs. In the secondary school category, it was Daniel Giuliani, Year 7, from Hexham, who wowed the country with his tasty Pea, Parsley and Parmesan Risotto. Congratulations to both of our winners and join us next year for an even BIGGER Young Pea Chef competition!

As for what August is set to bring, we think our growers need a rest, so we hope they will be able to take some well earned time off from the field and enjoy some relaxation. Thank you for all the hard work you have been and continue to put in during the pea harvest!

Rachel Green,Yes Pea!s Ambassador

Rachel Green

I have been preparing a number of canapes recently and by far the most popular one has been the Pea Blinis with Parma Ham and Mint, closely followed by the Mini Sausage Toadies...