Happy New Year!

January is the quietest month for our farmers, but the most exciting part is that the pea seeds start to arrive!

With the festive season behind us, it’s time for a fresh, healthy start to the new year. But just because peas are healthy, it doesn’t mean meal times have to be boring - after all, they're a superfood! We have plenty of pea-licious and nutritious recipes for any occasion.

Looking for something light? We have lots of meals under 500 calories. Why not try our Japanese Miso Style Pea and Tofu Soup with Chives for a healthy lunch? Or our Clear Pea and Vegetable Soup with Brown Rice provides a tasty alternative.

If it’s the pennies you’re trying to save, we have a series of meals all costing less than £5. Our Pea Spring Onion and Rocket Risotto is a filling dinner time treat or try our Pea, Spinach and Potato Cakes for a yummy snack.

Peas are an easy ingredient to include and with a little imagination they can inspire hundreds of recipes.

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Rachel Green,Yes Pea!s Ambassador

Rachel Green

I have been preparing a number of canapes recently and by far the most popular one has been the Pea Blinis with Parma Ham and Mint, closely followed by the Mini Sausage Toadies...