It’s finally Summer – and a good time to enjoy those tasty peas!

August is upon us, which means the holidays are here at last! There’s no time off for our busy pea farmers – pea harvesting season continues until the end of the month. So while you’re all enjoying some well-earned rest, think of the farmers operating pea viners this summer, working arduously around the clock to harvest 2 billion portions of peas to feed the nation for the year!

Our first ever Great British Pea Week took place last month and was a great success. Britain’s Pea Farmers invited the UK media to join a rare harvesting experience from the Lincolnshire countryside to follow the fascinating journey of the pea from the field to our freezers with a delicious pea-inspired lunch by Yes Peas! Campaign Ambassador, Chef Rachel Green.

We’re so pleased everyone got stuck in, sharing their favourite pea recipes and some great pea facts. If you missed the festivities, don’t panic! You can find us on Twitter @YesPeas or on Facebook and share any recipes with us there – we’re all ears (and taste buds).

We know that you’re still itching to give some of our pea recipes a go (and why wouldn’t you? It’s the pea-fect time!) so we’ve got some great ideas for you to try cooking with the kids this summer. From our delicious Roasted Pea & Aubergine Dip, to our irresistible Pea, Ham & Cheese Muffins, to the mouth-watering Pea & Tuna Fishcakes, there really is something for everyone. Don’t forget to take a picture and spread the word – we want everyone to celebrate our favourite vegetable!

Rachel Green,Yes Pea!s Ambassador

Rachel Green

I have been preparing a number of canapes recently and by far the most popular one has been the Pea Blinis with Parma Ham and Mint, closely followed by the Mini Sausage Toadies...